The Center for Mexican Studies UNAM-Boston is one of the 14 headquarters abroad that the National Autonomous University of Mexico has, in Africa, America, Asia and Europe. As part of the internationalization strategy of UNAM and in order to serve the Mexican community abroad, the University of the Nation inaugurated, in 2018, this academic and cultural embassy hosted generously by the University of Massachusetts in Boston, the great public university of the city.

In order to establish academic and cultural links between UNAM and institutions in the New England and North Atlantic Region, the primary functions of the University headquarters in Boston are the following:

The teaching, evaluation and certification of Spanish for foreigners

The establishment of links with prestigious Higher Education Institutions, to develop double degree or degree programs, in accordance with the provisions of the UNAM regulations

The strengthening of the UNAM internationalization project by disseminating its activities through the promotion of exchange of researchers and teaching staff.

The link, collaboration and academic exchange with universities and higher education institutions, government agencies or any educational or cultural entity from various countries and regions of the world

Support for the Mexican community abroad, through academic, cultural and social programs; the organization of university groups of former students and Mexican talents, among others

The promotion and dissemination of studies of Mexican culture, particularly those oriented to the relations of Mexico with the country or region where they are located. The development of programs for teaching the language and culture of the country in which the headquarters is located, for the benefit of the university community, favoring the mobility of students.

Al existir en la región un creciente interés por incluir a México dentro de los campos de conocimiento de ciencia, medicina, arte y otras disciplinas, urgimos a la comunidad Universitaria a poner a Boston en su vida y aprovechar el puente que la Universidad de la Nación ha tendido con el centro global de la creatividad y la innovación, donde se encuentran universidades prestigiosas como Harvard, MIT, BU y con más de 60 universidades dentro del mismo estado de Massachussets.


As there is a growing interest in the region to include Mexico within the fields of knowledge of science, medicine, art and other disciplines, we urge the University community to put Boston in their life and take advantage of the bridge that the University of the Nation has tended with the global center of creativity and innovation, where prestigious universities such as Harvard, MIT, BU and with more than 60 universities within the same state of Massachusetts are located.


Likewise, we invite researchers, professors, students, artists, entrepreneurs and other members of the New England community, to meet the oldest University in Latin America, the National Autonomous University of Mexico and to get involved in their work, contributing to the formation of bilateral collaboration networks in academia and culture.

For my race the spirit will speak.