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Latin American Women in the Sciences


The 3rd anniversary of UNAM-Boston was celebrated with the discussion “Latin American Women in the Sciences” with the presence of Dr. Claudia Valeggia, professor at Yale University in the Department of Anthropology, and Dr. Valeria Souza, researcher in the Department of Ecology Evolutionary of the UNAM, accompanied by the moderator Dr. Raúl Orduña, director of projects in the learning of Sciences at UMass Boston, promoting diversity with this discussion to open the doors to more women in particular from the Latinex community from middle and high school to promote your dreams and desires in science, breaking with the labels that society has imposed.

Addressing the issue of the role played by women in science today and that is being demanded, it was emphasized that there are no predetermined roles in science according to gender, sexual identity or ethnic origin. Women can get to play the role they want, however, the conditions in which women live influence their decisions to pursue a scientific career.

The fight for equal opportunities between men and women is one of the main duties of our society. Although little by little, the figures begin to equalize in some sectors, there are still other professional branches in which the role of women is almost marginal.

With the inspiration and example of these two great scientists for their passion since they were girls in science, understanding how the natural world works, inspired by other women scientists defying patriarchy, which led them to appear in their faculties and decide to be scientists and go navigating the questions that arose from the hand with her role as woman, mother, and wife.

The challenges faced as female scientists have to be overcome, from families, institutions, even colleagues, it is important to note them and that despite these they can be overcome and begin to create solutions, the importance of the teacher in educational training for the students who they are the first generations and the accompaniment of these figures to continue promoting science and the dream of women is part of the role that these important scientific figures as women play every day.

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