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Opposing directions around the decriminalization of abortion. Medical and legal perspectives


In commemoration of the “International Day of Violence against Women”, on November 25th, the Tertulia was held on “Opposing Directions regarding the decriminalization of abortion. Medical and legal perspectives” being part of the well-known 16 days of activism whose purpose is to intensify at different levels of the public agenda the resounding rejection of all forms of violence against women, as well as the discussion of strengthening prevention mechanisms, attention, accompaniment, investigation, healing, repair of damage and eradication of violence.

Represented by Dr.Tania del Río, Executive Director of the YWCA in Cambridge, Dr. Luz María Moreno responsible for the Gender Studies Program in Health at the Faculty of Medicine at UNAM, Dr. Estela Roselló Historian at UNAM and Dr. Pauline Capdevielle Researcher at the Institute of Legal Research at UNAM, experts on the subject, the exchange of ideas and experiences on abortion from the legal, medical and social perspective was carried out to create awareness that women appropriate their bodies and be autonomous when deciding whether or not they want to have children.

Although in Mexico the decriminalization of abortion was approved in certain States, the conditions are not really suitable to be carried out in medical centers, thus becoming a problem for Public Health affecting the social and reproductive rights of women, key points are highlighted such as religion and affective sexual education from an early age aimed at the development of the person and the responsible exercise of sexuality in a fully free and informed way, free discrimination, pressure or violence in sexual life and in sexual decisions as key factors for the prevention of abortion and/or safe abortion.

Opening spaces like this to propose and create links between academic institutions such as civil societies, abortion from its different perspectives is essential to bring it to the forefront, in Mexico there is still an enormous doubt regarding the feminist and gender perspective in the units of health, law and social, it is essential that one of the axes in the struggle is the transfer of language to practices.

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