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Urban Public Health in the XXI Century


Organized by UNAM Boston, in collaboration with UMass Boston and the UNAM School of Medicine, a discussion on "Urban Public Health in the XXI Century" was held with the participation of Dr. Javier Laguna, Director of UNAM Boston as moderator and Dr. Phil Gona from the Department of Public Health at UMass Boston, Dr. Luis Durán and Dr. Malaquías López from the Department of Public Health at UNAM as guests at the discussion.

The future is complicated and in the specific case of Public Health the task becomes more difficult since changes in this area occur in line with changes in the health situation and this health situation is, in turn, related to the biological, psychological, and social characteristics of individuals, the social and economic structure, culture, the prevailing lifestyles in society, demographic and macro-ecological processes and the supply of health services.

Health is a new discipline because communities are constantly changing when thinking about health is about medicine, however, health is not about medicine it is about preventing disease. Finding solutions to these challenges, not only in terms of equal and fair access to health services, has to include the issues of healthy water, sanitation, maternal literacy and provision of basic nutritional needs.

Current health services are more curative than preventive in nature. It is mentioned about creating a community to lead and promote that is why it is necessary to promote large-scale prevention campaigns that reinforce lifelong health. These campaigns should start from an early age since poor health indicators in childhood become risk variables in adulthood and extend into old age to promote healthier aging and avoid dependency.

Inviting you to follow us where more topics like these immersed in Public Health will be carried out.

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